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Getting Started

Simply fill out our form here to get started.

You must provide us with a link to all the files we need for rendering. Please use a .zip folder to place the files in proper directories (We can't render with missing file paths).

Preferably it is best to 'pack' all external files into the .blend, but still compress it into a .zip folder.

After we receive your initial contact form, we will send you an invoice for a downpayment of 25% the total estimate. Once this has processed, we will start your render!

Once the render is complete, we will then expect full payment. After your payment has processed, we will send you the final .zip download containing all file(s).

Example: Your total estimate is $48 for 24 hours of render time. You downpay 25% which is $12 for 6 hours. Due to some frames being easier to render than others, the total time ends up being 20 hours. Your remaining payment will only be for 14 hours = $28. The total you paid was $40 for 20 hours.

We will not render items that are less than $2 Total.

We recommend using render layers to ease loads off our GPUs' dedicated RAM.

Please note that Volumetric Lighting requires more render time on GPUs.

Please allow for 2-4 business days to setup, process and deliver renders/rendered file(s).